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Why Go Green in the Commercial Kitchen?

Going green is not only about saving the environment. It is also about saving your business. Discover all the reasons to go green.

Griddles: Grab a Green Griddle

Features like insulation, heat controls and electric power can make a big difference in how efficiently your griddle performs. Choosing a griddle with energy-saving features can save you a bundle in excessive costs.

Ranges: Tips for Efficient Use and Care for Your Commercial Range

Reducing preheat times, properly ventilating and loading foods efficiently all contribute to a greener commercial range. Check here for some valuable maintenance tips to help you get the most from your range.

Refrigeration: Chilled Out Energy Savings for Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer

Learn what operational techniques and maintenance changes you can implement in your commercial kitchen to ensure that your commercial freezer or refrigerator functions at its most energy-efficient level.

Reduce and Reuse Before You Recycle

Reduce the overall amount of waste to be sorted for recycling. Develop conscientious purchasing decisions for a green and efficient commercial kitchen operation.

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