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Articles Tagged 'Green Restaurant Equipment And Supplies'

Retrofitting Your Commercial Kitchen to Save Energy

It may be too expensive to replace all of your low-efficiency equipment, but there are other ways to cut energy costs. Learn about some easy retrofits with short payback periods.

Ice Machines: Freeze Your Energy Expenditure

Learn what you can do to conserve water and electricity with an energy-efficient ice machine. From purchasing an eco-friendly machine to operating and maintaining it accordingly, check our tips for more cool suggestions.

Steamers: Steam Sensibly in Your Commercial Kitchen

From using steam compartments wisely to simply keeping the doors closed, there are a multitude of tips to keep your commercial steamer operating efficiently. This saves your commercial kitchen energy and money.

Biodegradable, Compostable and Renewable: Definitions for a Green Commercial Kitchen

Commercial composting facilities provide the ideal composting conditions. Read on to learn some benefits and drawbacks commercial composting.

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