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Restaurant Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Made Simple

Cost of Good Sold, or COGS, represents the expense the restaurant incurs for the inventory used in a given time period. Managing COGS is essential for minimizing losses and making a profit in any restaurant.

Controlling Food Cost in the Restaurant

Food cost is usually the biggest expense in the restaurant. Without controls in place, this expense can get out of control and damage your profitability. In this article, learn some common ways that restaurants control their food costs.

Food Cost Savings: How to Freeze Summer Vegetables for Winter Dishes

Save money on pricey produce this winter and stay ahead of fluctuating food cost by freezing batches of produce.

A Cheat Sheet on Preparing Vegetables for Freezing

Use this guide to determine how to prepare different types of produce for freezer storage.

Ask Keegan: How Do I Get the Best Flavor From Dried Spices?

In this episode of Ask Keegan, Chef Keegan Gerhard, demonstrates on how to bring out the full flavor of your dried spices, which incidentally helps save on food costs. Watch the video and learn how!

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