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Serving Customers with Food Allergies

Food allergies are an increasing health concern for consumers and restaurants alike. Learn the most common foods that cause allergic reactions and how to serve customers with food allergies.

Serving Customers with Egg Allergies

Some diners who suffer egg allergies face serious threats from a single egg protein. Learn to indentify what foods to avoid.

Serving Customers with Milk Allergies

Any food allergy can be life-threatening. If a customer indicates a milk or dairy allergy, be sure that the server, shift manager and cooks understand that customer’s meal needs to be prepared separately and free of dairy products.

Serving Customers with Soy Allergies

Some people have severe reactions to foods containing soy. In this case, it is very important to refrain from serving customers any soy products in order to avoid triggering a negative allergic response.

Serving Customers with Wheat Allergies

Wheat allergies are separate and different fro wheat or gluten intolerances. Wheat is found in a broad spectrum of products, and allergies need to be treated seriously as they can be life-threatening.

Serving Customers with Fish and Shellfish Allergies

Many people are allergic to shellfish and certain types of fish. Be sure to avoid cross-contact with cooking utensils or equipment when serving these customers, as the proteins in these foods can be deadly to allergic customers.

Serving Customers with Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies

Peanuts and tree nuts are a common ingredient, but for many people even a trace amount can cause an allergic reaction. Be aware and consider communicating these ingredients on your menu.

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