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Top 10 Water-Saving Tips for the Commercial Kitchen

Looking to save water in your commercial kitchen? Look here for ten of the most important suggestions for conserving water—and saving money—in your commercial kitchem.

Fryers: Efficient Frying is Essential

From keeping the fryer elements clean to maintaining proper oil temperature, fryers perform better when they are maintained and used accordingly. Extraordinary savings are available when you commit to efficient frying.

Refrigeration: Chilled Out Energy Savings for Your Commercial Refrigerator and Freezer

Learn what operational techniques and maintenance changes you can implement in your commercial kitchen to ensure that your commercial freezer or refrigerator functions at its most energy-efficient level.

Steamers: Steam Sensibly in Your Commercial Kitchen

From using steam compartments wisely to simply keeping the doors closed, there are a multitude of tips to keep your commercial steamer operating efficiently. This saves your commercial kitchen energy and money.

Why Going Green in the Restaurant Still Matters

Going green may appear to be nothing more than a food industry trend, but the truth is that there are valuable reasons why it still matters to your restaurant.

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