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Articles Tagged 'Energy Efficient Commercial Kitchen Equipment'

Investing in Green Equipment for Your Commercial Kitchen

With skyrocketing energy bills, it is important to plan ahead when purchasing new restaurant equipment. Take a look at how much money you can save each year when purchasing an energy-efficient model.

Energy-Efficient Hoods in the Commercial Kitchen

A properly working hood can save you a startling amount of money. Learn how to design an energy-efficient kitchen ventilation system to reduce the strain on your equipment and your employees.

Ranges: Tips for Efficient Use and Care for Your Commercial Range

Reducing preheat times, properly ventilating and loading foods efficiently all contribute to a greener commercial range. Check here for some valuable maintenance tips to help you get the most from your range.

Tips for Management of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

Proper fats, oil and grease management can save you more money than you think. Find out how to prevent damage to your pipes and the environment.

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