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Articles Tagged 'Commercial Kitchen Waste Reduction '

10 Waste Reduction Tips for the Commercial Kitchen

Most of the waste created by a commercial kitchen is organic and can be recycled. Here are a few recycling tips every restaurant can implement to reduce garbage and trash handling fees.

Benefits of Recycling in the Commercial Kitchen

Why recyle? Along with the environmental benefits, waste costs money. Learn how to recycle and save.

Plants vs. Plastic: The Advantages of Biodegradable Disposables

Many restaurants use disposable containers, dinnerware or cutlery, but few of those products are recyclable or biodegradable. Learn more about plant-based bioplastics in this article.

The Bioplastic Debate

As the great debate over plastic containers and bulging landfills rages on, a new product has quietly slipped into the marketplace and taken hold: Bioplastics.