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Articles Tagged 'Commercial Cutlery'

Caring for Cutlery

Learn how to keep your knives in tip-top condition for optimal everyday use.

Guide to Knife Blade Types

Learn about the different knife edges available, how each type of edge works and what type of cutting each edge is best suited for.

Knife Handle Materials

Explore the options of knife handle types and choose the construction that is best suited for your hand and job duties.

Forged vs Stamped Knives

What's the difference between forged and stamped knives? Learn about what these product descriptions mean and what that means for your intended application.

Comparing Types of Knife Steel

Learn about the differences between carbon steel, stainless steel and high carbon steel knives.

How to Use a Sharpening Steel

Sharpening steels are designed to hone a blade’s edge before use. Learn how to hold and use a sharpening steel to keep your knives razor sharp.

How to Use a Sharpening Stone

Eventually, a knife blade will become folded over and require reshaping with a sharpening stone. Learn the proper steps and technique for reshaping your cutlery with a sharpening stone.

How to Use an Electric Knife Sharpener

Electric knife sharpeners provide a quick solution to reshaping dull knife blades.

Ask Keegan: How Do You Choose and Maintain Knives? - Video

Learn more about how to select the right knife for your kitchen and how to maintain your cutlery investment.

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