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Residual Antibiotics in Food

Though the debate is still open, the threat to human health posed by animal antibiotic residue in food is causing some consumers to switch to restaurants that serve organic foods. Learn about antibiotic residue in food and decide if serving foods produced without antibiotics will increase your customer base.

Serving Food with a Side of Growth Hormones

American consumers are demanding foods that do not contain residual animal growth hormones. Learn about growth hormones and determine whether your customer base falls into the category of those for or those against animal hormone injections.

Serving Genetically Engineered Foods

Genetically engineered foods pose ethical, religious and safety concerns for many American consumers. Learn more what those for and against GMOs have to say and decide whether your business can benefit from serving non-engineered foods.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Inspecting both imported and domestic foods, the FDA regulates nearly 80% of our food supply.

How FDA Menu Labeling Affects the Diner's Choices

Learn how to work with the new FDA menu labeling regulations and how to increase business with the health conscious crowd.

Everything the Food Service Operator Needs to Know About the FDA

The FDA provides valuable resources for your commercial kitchen. Learn how to access these free and useful tools for your restaurant.

How Commercial Kitchen Operators Can Obtain a Food Handler's Permit

Food handler's permits are required by the FDA. Learn how to obtain a permit and what the permit means.

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