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About Edlund

For over 87 years, Edlund has been one of the leading manufacturers of commercial can openers, can opening systems and portion control scales. Edlund products have the strength to handle the most thankless of kitchen tasks, as well as the high quality construction designed to endure the test of time.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Sturdy, Easy and Great

Review Date: 9/4/2015
By: rend

This is a basic tool that every restaurant needs, easy to use, and saves time.

Can Openers

Review Date: 1/6/2015
By: awilbert

My kitchen staff absolutely love their new can openers, they use it on a daily basis so they are very pleased that they were able to get 2 new ones

Heavy duty

Review Date: 12/2/2014
By: RobC

Bought these recently and they are exactly what I wanted strong enough to grasp heavy roasts. Delivered quickly and at no charge.

Review by Machado

Review Date: 8/29/2014
By: Machado

Very Durable

Review Date: 3/7/2015
By: Stopthis

I replaced my old can operer with this and I am very happy with this product.

Editorial Reviews

Can Openers

Edlund Can Openers keep you working quickly and safely in the kitchen. Hearty design and fantastic engineering make short work of difficult to remove lids.

Edlund Can Openers

Digital Portion Control Scales

Portion control can make a big difference both in the quality of your food and your pocketbook. Edlund Digital Portion Control Scales help you keep tabs of your ingredients and do so with accurate, easy to see readouts.

Edlund Digital Portion Control Scales

Electric Knife Sharpeners

You don't have time for dull knives and Edlund understands this. Keep your knives in tip-top shape and your kitchen running smoothly with an Edlund Knife Sharpener.

Edlund Electric Knife Sharpeners

Foil Dispensers

Foil is a necessity to keep food ingredients and products fresh and safe for use. Edlund Foil Dispensers get you on the right track for ably dispensing and storing foil to maximize both effiency and productivity.

Edlund Foil Dispensers

Kitchen Tongs

Safe food handling should be a primary goal in any kitchen. Edlund Kitchen Tongs help you reach that goal by providing the best utensils made from the finest materials.

Edund Kitchen Tongs

Knife Racks and Blocks

Extend the life and enhance the performance of your knives with Edlund's line of Knife Racks and Blocks. Proper storage of your knives protect their edges and prevent them from exposure to harmful bacteria.

Edlund Knife Racks and Blocks

Mechanical Portion Control Scales

Don't rely on feel alone to gauge how much product you buy or sell. Edlund Portion Control Scales give you authority over how much product you use, as well as an ability to track the weight of everything you receive.

Edlund Mechanical Portion Control Scales

Associated Items

Edlund Can Openers are built to last. However, they need maintenance in order to keep performing at a high level. Edlund offers replacement blades and gears for when your openers need a little tender loving care.

Edlund Associated Items

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