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About Eco-Products

Since 1990, Eco-Products has been providing greener solutions to the market place and seeks to “close the loop” with its offering of eco-friendly products. Started as a marketer of green office supplies, Eco-Products has expanded its selection to include a wide range of food service products made from corn, sugarcane and vegetable starch.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Lived them!

Review Date: 7/10/2014
By: Deano

Loved the packaging. Our pies fit in there perfectly!

I liked it so I put a ring on it!

Review Date: 6/14/2014
By: Britters

This product came quickly, and it really feels like it keeps your hands from burning! Great job ecogrip!

Smaller than expected

Review Date: 6/9/2014
By: rimrock

Should have measured these cups because they are smaller than expected

Cups are amazing!!

Review Date: 5/18/2014
By: lllioilll

My customers love seeing the Eco friendly brand on our food truck. Such an added bonus that we were able to get them so quickly from FSW!!

Clamshell container

Review Date: 4/23/2014
By: Service

We use the clamshell container to serve the homeless a hot meal that consists of rice, red beans and potatoes.  The containers hold the semisolid food very well without leaking and the locking tabs work well also.  Overall very pleased with the product, we have tried many products and this one has been the best so far.  

Editorial Reviews

Hot Cups

Customers greatly appreciate a business's efforts to be more green. Make an easy step toward enviornment sustainability but swapping out your cups. Unlike regular disposable cups, that are made from expensive petroleum and toxic polystyrene, these paper cups feature a corn-based bio-plastic liner and are fully compostable.

Plates & Bowls

Replacing your bowls with any of the bowls from Eco-Products is a simple way to move toward being "green". Sugarcane is a renewable resource that's found its way into the realm of eco-friendly disposable dinnerware. Plates and bowls that are made from sugarcane fibers can hold both hot or cold foods.

Eco-Products Plates & Bowls


Show customers your commitment to the enviornment by using the fantastic cutlery provided by Eco-Products. Plastic cutlery is being replaced by those made from vegetable starch. Both medium weight and are available and can be used on foods that are up to 165 °F.

Eco-Products Cutlery Options


There has been a huge push in the past two years to adapt from plastic bags to eco-friendly bags. Not only is this incredibly helpful to the environment but it also helps you save money as most bags is reusable. Eco-Products makes the transition simple with their line of environmentally sustainable bags that meet a variety of uses.