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About Eco-Gecko

Eco-Gecko prides itself on its ability to create disposable products that are fully biodegradable and compostable. Each product is carefully made from wood and other renewable resources that have been fully certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Each resource can easily be re-grown and re-planted and enable its customers to select a more environmentally friendly option while not having to sacrifice function and style. Too often companies utilize resources and processes that are not biodegradable and leave a large carbon footprint this. In order to combat this problem, Eco-Gecko avoids using harsh chemicals, coating or waxes on their products along with producing cutlery that is molded and sanitized using water, nature’s greatest resource.

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Natural Beauty

With a focus on modern and pleasing designs, Eco-Gecko produces every product with a modern shape and natural finish, unlike other biodegradable products that are not always pleasing to the eye. Eco-Gecko’s manufacturing process doesn’t include any waxes or finishes that also contribute to the beauty of their product.

Environmental sustainability

Eco-Gecko prides itself on using 100% birch wood that is harvested with sustainability in mind. All of the resources used in the manufacturing process can be easily re-grown and re-harvested over and over again. Through their sustainable harvesting methods, Eco-Gecko reduces their carbon footprint along with the carbon footprint of their customers who use these 100% renewable products.

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