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About Eastern Tabletop

Since 1950, for three consecutive generations, Eastern Tabletop Manufacturing has been dedicated to manufacturing and designing silver plated hollowware and chafing dishes for the food service industry. Eastern has continuously proven to be a firmly incorporated company that stands behind their products with exceptional pride. With their superior know-how of traditional silver plating and modern technology, Eastern’s team of trained professionals ensures the highest standards of quality and design you can rely on.

Confidence In The Quality

Eastern Tabletop believes that an informed buyer is the best type of customer. With that stance, Eastern Tabletop invites you to click away and browse equipment, confident that you will notice the quality and durability that has been found in Eastern Tabletop since 1950.

Collapsible Chafer

Introducing the Collapsible Chafer! Winner of IHMR’s Editor’s Best Choice Award in 2007, this award winning chafer is heavy-duty and combines a highly elegant presentation with an undeniable convenience. The chafer is collapsible down to two inches high and stackable for easy storage and transportation, making setting up and tearing down events fast and simple.