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Increase productivity and cut cost with the most efficient, durable and safe food presses on the market. DoughXpress products are ideal for anywhere that requires quality, consistency and ease of use. Whether pressing perfect pizzas, mass producing tortillas or making uniform cutlets DoughXpress has it covered.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 11/10/2013
By: Anonymous

The TXM-15 is an excellent tortilla press. It is well made well and very easy to use and it produces great thick or thin tortillas quickly and efficiently. We use this tortilla press every day. Food Service Warehouse provides excellent customer service. I recommend highly.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

I been really happy using this machine, got the one with coated plates, easy to use, not noisy, easy to clean, very stable. I tried differents machines before and this one is the best. We were pressing around 300 pizzas a day, you may count around 20-30 second (150degreesF) when a really cold dough(need to double press it because of shrinking) and to allow the plate to warm up again. When dough is warm we were able to press it in less than 10seconds (at 110-120 dF). If i would do a modification i would add a rubber under the lower plate, when you push it back it would hit softly. Very nice

Editorial Reviews

Air-Automatic Dough Presses

DoughXpress’s automatic pizza presses powered by compressed air use up to 60% less air than their competitors which saves on energy and means that you don’t have to listen to the noisy compressor kick on nearly as often. Plus, their automatic operation speeds up production and reduces strain on your staff.

DoughXpress Air-Automatic Dough Presses

Manual Tortilla Press

The simplest and easiest way to quickly press a large quantity of tortillas, the DoughXpress manual tortilla press can quickly press up to six tortillas at once. It works with both corn and flour tortilla dough, and it can even press pizza dough or flatbread giving you incredible versatility and value.

DoughXpress Manual Tortilla Presses

“Big Chick” Meat Press

Perfect for chicken pork or veal, this heavy-duty meat press from DoughXpress is nicknamed the “Big Chick” for its ability to press up to 700 pieces every hour. That remarkable production combined with the increased production and product consistency that comes from pressing meat products before cooking is sure to save you valuable time and money.

Dough Press Cart with Silent Air Compressor

Noisy air compressors are annoying and relegate the dough press to the very back of the kitchen to ensure that no customers are bothered by the noise. With this dough cart and silent air compressor from DoughXpress, however, you never have to worry about an obnoxiously noisy air compressor again.

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