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Dexter-Russell (S132N-10) - 10" Breaking Knife


Ship Weight .2 lbs.
Blade Length 10"
Blade Tip Pointed
Edge Type Straight Edge
Handle Length 5"
Handle Material Plastic
Knife Style Cimeter
Metal Type Stain-Free High Carbon Steel
Steel Shaping Method Stamped

Product Details

Sometimes you feel like you were born into the wrong decade. We understand. It’s not that you wish you could have danced to Frank Sinatra or even been the first to set foot on Plymouth Rock. No, your strengths would have shined the brightest in a little more primitive era because you identify the strongest with the goal-oriented existence and meaty diet of the caveman. You do all of your own butchering at your restaurant because you can’t think of a more satisfying feeling than cutting your own steak, except perhaps preparing a surf and turf plate with some Megalodon and Wooly Mammoth.

Let the 10" Breaking Knife (S132N-10) by Dexter-Russell give your ancient instincts a modern twist. You won’t be carving up a Giant Sloth Delmonico, but with this knife’s high-carbon steel blade and honed edge geometry, you definitely could have.

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