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About Dexter-Russell

In 1933, the two oldest and most respected U.S. knife manufacturers merged to form Russell Harrington Cutlery. The new company specialized in providing innovative knives for the professional and industrial markets. In 2001, the company changed its name to Dexter-Russell, Inc. Today, Dexter-Russell continues to produce and distribute one of the world’s broadest lines of professional cutlery.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Just the right length

Review Date: 8/23/2015
By: Polemera

I was worried that this spatula was too long when I first bought it but it turned out to be just right. Just the right amount of flex to it also. Perfect for griddle cooking.

Excellent products

Review Date: 8/20/2015
By: JR and friend

the dexter russell knives are the best kitchen knives we have ever used, so we ordered more and no better price than FSW.

EXCELLENT tool for the job or home!!!!

Review Date: 8/20/2015
By: Great Bodacious

This is the best meat cleaver I have owned... It will cut through chicken bones, lamb shanks, even pork and beef rib bones. But the great thing about is, as a butcher, the blade was still sharp after the workout I gave it.. It cut meat flawlessly and because it is a heavy knife, it is well balanced enough for delicate cutting of vegetables as well. Best choice ever.... I recommend this to everyone..

Perfect knife

Review Date: 7/5/2015
By: Jagged

This is similar enough to, exact, or a newer model to the knife I use at work. I work in a grocery butcher shop and with this knife I prefer to hand cut almost any steak and/or roast I can fit it through. I'm such a huge knife freak with my home collection Bowie style knives being my favorite so this makes me feel at home while at work. I recommend this for anyone who thinks/feels the same way about their preferences about knives.y co-workers use filleting style knives that just see too small and light for me.

affordable quality

Review Date: 6/9/2015
By: writervik

these knives are used in commercial halibut fishing in the north pacific. they sharpen easily and hold an edge for weeks at a fraction of the cost for knives in an expensive set.

Editorial Reviews

Recent Editorial Reviews
Great Hand Protection
By John, FSW Product Expert
Review Date: 6/18/2009

Connoisseur Collection

The Connoisseur Collection features high-carbon stainless steel blades that are hand-ground, creating a superior edge. The rosewood handles rare infused with polymers and resins, making them impervious to stains, hot water and food acids.

Sani-Safe Collection

The Sani-Safe collection is the widest line of NSF certified, professional cutlery in the world. The high-impact “Grip-Tex” polypropylene handles are formed to provide a slip-resistant grip and can withstand both high and low temperatures. An impervious blade-to-handle seal meets the highest sanitary standards.

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Shop Dexter-Russell Pizza Cutters

For pizzerias and other restaurants that serve a lot of pizza, keeping ergonomic pizza cutters on hand is essential. Dexter-Russell pizza cutters are constructed from high-quality and durable materials destined to stay sharp for years on end.

Dexter-Russell Pizza Cutters

Dexter-Russell Paring Knives

A paring knife is an all-purpose tool necessary for any kitchen operation. These knives can be used to slice up vegetables, peel fruit, cut small garnishes and countless other tasks. Dexter-Russell paring knives are lightweight, precise, durable and affordable.

Dexter-Russell Paring Knives

Shop Dexter-Russell Oyster Knives

Dexter-Russell oyster knives feature short, blunt blades that are perfect for prying open the hard shells of an oyster. These handy tools are available in several styles and can be purchased by the case as well.

Dexter-Russell Oyster Knives

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