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Dexter-Russell (012-8BU) - 8" Butcher Knife


Ship Weight .44 lbs.
Blade Length 8"
Blade Tip Pointed
Edge Type Straight Edge
Handle Length 5"
Handle Material Wood
Knife Style Butcher Knife
Metal Type Stain-Free High Carbon Steel
Steel Shaping Method Stamped

Product Details

First came the squab craze. Then everyone went nuts for grilled fish heads and designer pork rinds. Now all anyone’s talking about is ‘Nduja, the spicy, spreadable Italian pork sausage. You try your best to keep your restaurant on top of the trends, but right now you feel like always one step behind your competition.

It’s hard to keep the trends straight when they change so quickly, but one thing’s for sure: there’s always going to be a new obsession with some kind of meat, so you need to pick up the all-purpose 8" Butcher Knife (012-8BU) from Dexter-Russell. The high-quality blade and natural hardwood handle makes it the perfect utensil for chopping, cubing or trimming any kind of meat. Let Dexter-Russell give your restaurant the edge it needs in this ever-changing market. With the right tools in your kitchen, you could be driving the trend wagon instead of running in its wake like a nerd that missed the bus.

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