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Dean has become one of the leaders among the tube-type commercial deep fryer manufacturers in the world. Partnered with Frymaster under the Manitowoc Foodservice flag, Dean offers a wide variety of quality fryers ranging from dependable economy models to its high-efficiency Decathlon series that offers incredible value to foodservice operators for their ability to cut energy costs. Dean continues to strive in making more efficient products for its customers under the Enerlogic™ program, which delivers energy and resource-saving performance that qualifies purchasers for ENERGY STAR® rebates while promoting a cleaner, more responsible environmental policy.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

great fryer

Review Date: 1/19/2015
By: rc racer

the fryer is a great buy for the vaule and does a great job

Perfect for our space.

Review Date: 7/8/2014
By: bfother2

I needed an electric fryer under a ventless hood and this was the perfect choice. Plugged it in and had it running in a half hour. Purchased the casters for it and it made it so much easier to clean under.

Quality Fryer

Review Date: 5/4/2014
By: Matt76

I purchased this fryer about 1.5 months ago. We needed to downsize from a four basket fryer. I was a little hesitant to downsize to a two basket fryer, but this fryer has been a workhorse thus far. It maintains temperature well and was easy to install. I'd recommend getting casters from FSW, so you know they will fit. Shipping was quick and care was taken in securing the fryer to a pallet. Really pleased with product and service.

New Commercial Fryer Dean 43Gal

Review Date: 11/20/2014
By: Hawk

I Bought This Dean Fryer at a fabalous price , Wounderful Fryer. Very Happy with it buying another, Now. Check this out.

Cooking Equipment

Review Date: 8/18/2013
By: ricksexpress

We bought this about a month ago and Everything was Great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Editorial Reviews

Dean’s Thermo-Tube Design is Key to Savings

We all know that higher efficiency is great for the environment and for lower energy costs, but how does Dean achieve its amazing efficiency ratings? The key is in its Thermo-Tube design. Because the burners on Dean fryers are immersed in the oil as a more direct heat source, less gas is wasted while heating the oil during active and idle times. Dean’s Thermo-Tubes are also 2 inches taller than other models, increasing the heat transfer surface area by an amazing 25 percent. This means less BTUs are required during each and every hour that a Decathlon series fryer is operating, offering operators consistent savings on their monthly energy costs.

All HD Decathlon Fryers Meet EnerLogic™ Standards

Qualifying for Manitowoc’s Enerlogic™ program is a big deal for high-efficiency foodservice products. In most cases, it means the unit will save its operator thousands each year while also qualifying for ENERGY STAR® rebates. This dramatically lowers the unit’s total cost of ownership while providing exceptionally-consistent results that you won’t find in an economy fryer. In short, your fried food products will cook faster, taste better, and cost your business less money.

Don’t Forget to Filter!

Filtering your oil is essential in maintaining the taste of your products as well as preserving the quality of your oil, extending its life. Dean has several oil filtration options, including units that provide a reversible pump that can drain a 50-pound frypot in a matter of minutes. They even offer low-profile units that work with most non-Dean fryer models, meaning you can ensure your oil’s quality no matter the brand.

Dean Fryer Oil Filters

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