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Founded in 1941, the Curtis name has become synonymous with world class quality over the past 70 years. Recognizing a growing demand for gourmet coffee in the foodservice industry, Curtis was one of the first commercial coffee machine manufacturers to embrace new technologies that helped turn coffee making into the artform it is today. Their commercial coffee brewing equipment, iced tea brewing systems and specialty beverage dispensers have continually evolved to meet the needs of the ever changing market. Their 70 year commitment to quality workmanship, high-tech ingenuity and customer service has built them into a leading name in the coffee equipment industry.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Great price and great quality

Review Date: 9/25/2014
By: Liam

This was the best price I could find for this size drip tray for my large kegerator and it is of fantastic quality. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

Airpot opinion

Review Date: 8/28/2014
By: Weeb52

Bought a case of these airpots to go along with a new Bunn Twin coffee brewer for our church. We were using percolators and to be honest a percolator keeps heat applied to the pot which makes the coffee taste terrible in a very short time. These pots insulate so well 12 hours later the coffee is still hot and tastes great. These are a game changer if you like fresh coffee.

Does the job.

Review Date: 9/6/2014
By: Creation

This syrup holder keeps syrup warm but you do have to warm the syrup before it is put into the canister.

Best Tea Dispenser Ever

Review Date: 7/16/2014
By: Hammer111

99% of the tea comes out of this dispenser, you don't have 2" left in the bottom. It has no glass to break, hot tea won't crack it. It's short enough so it easily fits into a refrigerator. This dispenser will out last me.

Quick Shipping

Review Date: 9/6/2014
By: BobsDiner

Bought two for each diner location, came within a week from when I ordered, works great, price was lowest for a new item I could find online.

Editorial Reviews

G3 Technology

Curtis’s Generation 3 technology utilizes an ADS™ digital control module to provide precise control over all of the critical functions of the coffee maker. The simple interface and intuitive controls give operators unparalleled control over the brewing process. This precise digital tuning allows coffee crafting baristas to fine tune the temperature, pre-infusion, pulse brewing, water bypass and more. All of this control allows the user to optimize their coffee maker for brewing signature flavors that will help set their coffee service apart from the competition.

The Gold Cup Series™

With our nations increasing obsession with unique coffee blends and roasts, it has become paramount that coffee equipment is made to exacting standards in order to properly extract the nuances and subtleties of individual roasts. Established by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the Golden Cup Award recognizes coffee machines that meet exacting standards and are proven to extract the fullest flavor from coffee beans. Curtis’s superior knowledge of coffee equipment and high tech manufacturing process has led them to being one of the most decorated brands in the industry. Just look for the Golden Cup insignia for the best coffee making experience available.

G4 Technology

Welcome to the future of coffee brewing. Curtis’s Generation 4 Technology represents the most advanced coffee making experience to date. G4 uses superior design and function to deliver an intuitive system for advanced brewing customization. The instinctive touch screen uses an icon-driven interface that provides complete control over training, programming and operation. Customizable recipes, fine tuning and control settings allow coffee shops to achieve completely customized brews that will elevate their coffee brewing to a science.

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