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With a long, proud history that dates all the way back to 1847, Cleveland has a steadfast tradition of serving the foodservice industry by producing nothing but the very best in steam equipment. As the recognized industry leader, Cleveland continues their commitment to superior quality, value and reliability and produces the very best steamers, kettles, skillets and combi ovens on the market today.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews


Review Date: 3/24/2015
By: cookBB

Very good at frying chips and very easy to clean and drain oil, other would splash when draining oil. I wish we had the 40 gal model.

This is simple and easy to operate. You don't need a PhD to operate this steamer. We like the manual operation function as well as the timed cooking function. Installation and operation took only a few hours, (mainly due to additional plumbing needed). Cleaning is simple. Cleveland is a brand we can trust for many years of hard service.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

I have used this type of steamer for more than 15 years. This unit we just put into service two weeks ago has already had 4 service calls in just 2 weeks of service for various problems due to poor manufacturing. I am very disappointed and hope we have no more problems with this steamer for a while. We were told that Cleveland is aware of these problems and that all service is covered under warranty. This is the best unit on the market. We just hope we did not get a lemon. Overall, this steamer when it's running correctly is a work horse in our kitchen that we could not live without.

Editorial Reviews

Convotherm Combi Oven-Steamers

Cleveland’s advanced line of combi ovens, the Convotherm Combi Oven-Steamers are some of the most advanced and versatile pieces of cooking equipment you can find on the market today. Able to cook everything from grilled cheese and French fries to bread, roasts and even fish, these remarkable ovens combine the best features of a convection oven and a convection steamer into a single, innovative unit. Add to that their easy-to-use computerized controls and available HACCP software, and you have a series of ovens that are perfect for schools, casinos, hotels and other large institutions.

Advanced Closed System

The world’s first ever, fully closed cooking and environmental control system, Cleveland’s Advanced Closed System (ACS) is the heart and soul of their Convotherm line of Combi Oven-Steamers. This unique system automatically controls the moisture and heat inside of the oven. Unlike other systems, however, the ACS actually adjusts the conditions inside of the oven based on the physical properties of the food being cooked, preserving a product’s own flavor and color and guaranteeing perfect cooking results every time.

SteamChef™ Convection Steamers

These high speed convection steamers come with a KleanShield™ compartment design that removes condensate waste. This keeps the compartment clean, safe from impurities and easy to maintain. These models also have automatic water fill and drain.

Cleveland SteamChef™ Steamers

Power Pan™ Tilting Skillets

Able to do everything from braising and grilling meat to steaming vegetables to even simmering sauces and soups, these Power Pan™ tilting skillets from Cleveland are versatile, incredibly durable and designed to be the workhorses of commercial or institutional kitchens.

Cleveland Power Pan™ Tilting Skillets

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