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About Clean Cubes

Clean Cubes are the solution to all of your quick, clean-up needs. These stylish, biodegradable containers instantly pop up whenever you need a trash can or recycling bin around. Clean Cubes feature a plastic trash liner adhered to a paper bin. When the bin is full, you simply pull the drawstrings and throw the entire thing away. Whether you use them at home, the office, or outdoors, you can always rely on the convenience of Clean Cubes.

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Abracadabra! Insta-Trash or Recycling Units

Within seconds of opening a Clean Cubes package, you have a sturdy, leak-resistant, trash receptacle. One of these handy all-in-one trash bins and bags are all you need to keep trash and recyclables under control. Once the bin is full, simply throw the entire thing away and open a new one.

Biodegradable Bins & Bags

Clean Cubes are not only convenient, they’re considerate; considerate of our precious environment that is! These all-in-one trash bins and bags are made from recycled paper and are completely biodegradable. You can feel good knowing that convenience doesn’t mean compromising your environmental ethics.

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