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About Cassida

When it comes to business, money matters! Cassida seeks to simplify all of your money handling processes with their line of innovative money counting and counterfeit detection products. For over 14 years, Cassida has been designing money management products for all types of businesses. With over 14 years of experience and their commitment to accuracy and security, Cassida is a reliable source to turn to for all your money handling needs.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

We are a financial institution and upon reading reviews for currency counters we ordered this one. It is perfect and reasonably priced for what we need.

I bought this a month ago. I love it. Its very efficient. Thank you!

good price

Review Date: 5/27/2014
By: Zalmen

could not find anywhere at this price and it wasshipped fast

Editorial Reviews

1, 2, 3, Cassida Counts for Me

After a long night of business, there's still always one important thing that needs to be done before calling it a night. Anyone in the restaurant industry can probably tell you that counting the night's cash inflow is not only an important task, but one that can often be tedious without the right tools. Cassida's line of currency and coin counters will take the hassle out your counting operations by counting coins and currency for you using innovative UV and magnetic technology. These advanced counting machines offer you a much easier way to total up the night's earnings and provide accuracy when you need it most.

Detecting Fakes

Any business that accepts cash for payment knows how important it is to check for counterfeit bills. Cassida's line of counterfeit detectors makes spotting a fake so quick and so easy. The UV technology will help you verify whether dollar bills contain the proper watermarks before you accept them. Cassida's innovative line of counterfeit detectors will even give you the power to spot fake IDs. Whenever you are in doubt, turn to Cassida to give you peace of mind and reassurance that every bill of money or ID you accept is 100% genuine.