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About BVT/Chef Revival

As the world’s leading foodservice industry textile provider, and with almost 100 years of experience in the textile industry, Best-Value Textiles continues to set the standard for excellence and innovation.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Perfect Solution

Review Date: 6/7/2014
By: Stopthis

These work really well for my restaurant servers. Comfort is key.


Review Date: 5/4/2014
By: Ladyfire

The material is soft and absorbent. Great size! But the material is not toweling (with two selvage edges). After one washing, the ends and the unfinished edge are starting to fray. These are not the least expensive towels they carry; I had hoped for better.

Great towels - not rocket science

Review Date: 4/18/2014
By: Race

I've worked in kitchens, bars and pizza shops much of my life. I like these. Nice size. Nice hems on the edge. Not rocket science, just good solid quality.

Excellent product

Review Date: 11/4/2013
By: wber

I use these every day and am extremely satisfied. They are substantial, fit well and grip well. Their heat resistance is superb.

weave Dish Cloths

Review Date: 10/21/2013
By: piccolo

The cloths are as advertised - COTTON!  Dish cloths mad from cotton are no lloner easily available so I was happy to find them from your site.  They arrived quickly too.

Editorial Reviews

Chef Clothing

Opening a new restaurant can be overwhelming and important details can often be overlooked. It’s vital that your kitchen employees have proper uniforms that ensure safety and help each cook perform to the best of their ability. BVT/Chef Revival knows that clothing can often limit a cook, which is why a team of experts have designed coats, hats and pants that aim to work with chefs rather than against them.

BVT/Chef Revival Clothing


It is amazing how many aspects there are into having a well-equipped food establishment. It does not end with equipment and food, and without the basic accessories, your restaurant will not go very far. BVT/Chef Revival has a variety of aprons, bar towels, food carriers, oven mitts and more, ensuring that you will have all you need to operate efficiently.


BVT/Chef Revival understands that above all else, safety must be addressed in the kitchen. For this reason, BVT/Chef Revival has crafted a series of safety gloves that ensure hands will be kept safe when overseeing a variety of kitchen duties. For dishwashing, cutting, serving and more, BVT/Chef Revival has a pair of gloves for you.

Convenient Features

BVT/Chef Revival clothing includes a variety of special features that are designed to make a chef’s job easier. A thermometer pocket arm provides ideal storage for essential items. With a yoke and drop shoulder, cooks will find it easy to move in their uniform. All products are crafted for easy wearing, durability and cleanliness in mind. With BVT/Chef Revival attire, you and your fellow employees will be able to perform at optimum level without clothing getting in the way.