Browne-Halco (PS9) - 9" Aluminum Pizza Screen

Browne-Halco PS9 9" Aluminum Pizza Screen-(0) Browne-Halco PS9 9" Aluminum Pizza Screen-(0)


Ship Weight .13 lbs.
Base Material Metal
Diameter 9"
Geometric Shape Round
Metal Type Aluminum

Product Details

Unlike a pizza plate, which features a solid aluminum base, a pizza screen is a strong-woven aluminum mesh that allows for even cooking and circulation of air. Because pizza screens help hot air reach the pizza quicker, on both top and bottom, pizzas cook faster with a crispier crust which is perfect for pizzerias or restaurants looking to push out pies in a hurry. The 9” Aluminum Pizza Screen (PS9) from Brown-Halco is a great size for small, individual pizzas, and because it’s made from a durable aluminum mesh, this pizza screen will last a long time.

List Price: $4.33
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