Browne-Halco (CT84119) - 8" Candy/Fry Thermometer

Browne-Halco CT84119 8" Candy/Fry Thermometer


Ship Weight .15 lbs.
Diameter 2.125"
Temperature 50°F - 550°F
Thermometer Type Dial
Thermometer Use Candy

Product Details

Making candy can be a challenging but rewarding process. When in the candy making process it’s important that each step be completed at the correct temperature, otherwise the candy could be ruined. In order to keep your candy cooking at the appropriate temperature Browne-Halco offers their 8” Candy/Fry Thermometer. This candy/fry thermometer has an adjustable pan clip makes this thermometer perfect for any sized pan or even a deep fryer. The thermometer is dishwasher safe and has an easy to read dial display.

List Price: $12.34
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