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Bromic Heating utilizes its technical expertise and superior design methods to produce innovative outdoor radiant heating products and components for the commercial market. The Bromic lines of gas and electric heaters meet customers’ needs by promoting heating efficiency, usability, user comfort and aesthetic appearance. The company has established a global reputation for quality and dependability. With the diversity of the Platinum Smart-Heat and Tungsten Smart-Heat products, Bromic presents choices in natural gas, propane or electric outdoor heaters. Wall mounting options allow for flexibility in the installation of the right outdoor heater and stylish design features accommodate any décor. All products include a standard easy-pivot arm which allows for adjustment of heat direction, providing greater versatility and heat coverage. Bromic differentiates its products with distinctive features. The use of a translucent ceramic medium allows for a more effective dispersion of heat while also mitigating the intrusive glare of other outdoor heating products. A smart control system allows for operating a heater from a remote-located switch. These and other features, including wind and water resistance, ensure that there is a Bromic outdoor heating product to meet the unique needs of any business.

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Performance Through Innovation

Bromic Heating’s Platinum Smart-Heat line of outdoor heaters provides top-quality performance due to superior design and unique features. Full stainless steel construction ensures excellent performance in winds of up to eleven miles per hour. Utilization of a ceramic medium translates into the most even heat dispersion. The electronic ignition can be wired into C-Bus and smart system controls. Automatic re-ignition ensures that if a unit blows out, after three attempts to re-ignite, the unit will shut down. Platinum models can operate on liquid propane gas (LPG) or natural gas. The 300 Series produces 23,600 BTU while the 500 Series produces 39,600 BTU. These heaters can be either wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

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For dependability, the Tungsten Smart-Heat line of outdoor heaters from Bromic Heating is a sure bet. The patented, first-of-its-kind direct ignition system ensures a reliable start and effective operation, even in winds up to eight miles per hour. Constructed with stainless steel and a high-temperature ceramic coating, this heater delivers the durability and longevity to outlast the toughest outdoor conditions. A neutral black finish adds a touch of style to fit any decor. Whether fueled by natural gas or propane (LPG), the two available models (300 and 500 Series) produce 26,000 and 43,000 BTU, respectively.

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