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This Bonavita collection of innovative, specialty coffee products was built for the coffee connoisseur in us all! Bonavita offers coffee makers, drippers, drip stands, and kettles; everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee or tea. European designed and engineered, these cutting-edge coffee products were created to ensure you get the best tasting brew by utilizing unique technology to extract the full flavor.

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Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Brewing delicious drip coffee is a piece of cake. With Bonavita's collection of drippers and drip stands you'll be a pro at pour over coffee. This old-fashioned method of brewing comes together with Bonavita's cutting-edge new products in this excellent line that's sure to optimize your coffee crafting experience.

Coffee Machines

Coffee is the second most widely drank beverage in the entire world. It has been cultivated and drank for over 700 years. With Bonavita's collection of coffee makers you can brew gourmet tasting coffee anytime. The innovative technology behind these machines provides optimal waterflow for the most flavor extraction.


A kettle is a kitchen’s best friend. Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea lover, or you just like the occasional hot cocoa, Bonavita’s collection of kettles is sure to satisfy all your hot drink making needs. Crafted in high-quality stainless steel, Bonavita kettles are built for durability and style. Attractive and effective, these kettles are the perfect companion for Bonavita’s drip coffee makers too.

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