Why a Solid Restaurant Website is Important for Success


solidwebsiteEver traveled somewhere new and wondered where you could get a good bite to eat? Or wanted to try something different for dinner in your home town? If so, you’re not alone. Equipped with smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops, millions of people are surfing the Internet looking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A solid restaurant website will put your establishment out there, front and center. Let’s take a look at the overall value of creating, updating and marketing your own restaurant website.

Maintain Availability

Stay connected with your fan base and with those who could be better served. Your website is accessible 24 hours a day – seven days a week. It has the capability to receive customer feedback, take reservations and can be shared on social network sites.

Communicate Effectively

  • Tell them what you’re cooking and how to get it.
  • List the menu and prices, hours of operation, directions (with a map) and payment options.
  • Clearly list your phone number on every page of your website and in plain text. If a customer has to look for a way to get a hold of you, then they may give up and move on to another restaurant.
  • Spotlight added amenities, such as: flat screen TV’s, large outdoor patio seating or a family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Give them the full summary of why your restaurant is wonderful.
  • Include information on how to:
    • Make reservations for events.
    • Use your large group or banquet facility.
    • How to book off-site catering.

Promote Your Business

Invite customers to join a email list and send promotional information daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever suits your promotional schedule. For example, advertise happy hour times, in-house events or new menu items.

Tell Your Story

Create an “About Us” tab and tell you customers who you are. Keep your story concise and informative. Most customers are not looking for Tolstoy, but do like knowing about your personal approach. Some restaurants have done this by introducing the chef or owner and the menu concept.

Stand Out in a Crowd

If your competitor has a website, they may also have your customers. Conduct an online search of similar restaurants in your area. Take a look at how their website is set-up. Write down what you like and don’t like. Then come up with a way to stand apart as the best choice in your food service category. For example your website could include:

  • Video and photographs
  • Interactive media
  • Nutrition Information

In today’s fast-paced world of communication, people rely on the Internet for information. Maintaining a restaurant website is a way to remain competitive, relevant and connected to your customers.


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