What to Do if Your Restaurant is Robbed


masked robber holding cash

Burglary can be a frightening experience for any restaurant worker. These tend to occur at quick service or casual restaurants more often than at fine dining locations, but be prepared for anything by educating your employees with the proper response when faced by a burglar.

Assume firearms are loaded. If the robber reveals a firearm, consider it loaded. For investigative purposes, try to discern the type of gun or weapon the robber is carrying.

Remember the thief’s appearance. Try to make mental notes of the burglar’s appearance, such as age, weight, height, clothing, skin color, tattoos, etc.

Do not be a hero. If the burglar approaches an employee and demands money, give him money. Do not argue or provoke the robber. Your life is not worth the risk.

Call 911 immediately. Call 911 immediately after the robber leaves and lock the doors of the restaurant. Ask any witnesses to remain in the restaurant until the police arrive.

Relay information to police. Communicate as much information as possible to the police, including your name and location, description of the suspect, and which way the robber went upon departure.

Restaurants handle a good deal of cash and credit card transactions every day, and without the proper security measures, a restaurant is at greater risk of robbery or other security breaches. Stay aware of any potential dangers and secure your restaurant as much as possible to limit the chances of a robbery. » Learn More About Restaurant Security Tips


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