What Size Commercial Refrigerator Do You Need?


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Choosing the right fit for your next commercial refrigerator or freezer depends on the space you have available in your professional kitchen. There is no right way to size a refrigerator, but here are some important considerations to make along the way. As always, check with your local health code and communicate with your FoodServiceWarehouse.com Account Manager for extra guidance.

Size by section: How many are right for you?

Refrigerator sizes are typically associated with the number of doors. A unit will have the same number of doors as it has sections. You may know how many sections you want, or you may know how wide a unit you can install. When it comes to reach-in refrigerators and freezers, two-door (or two-section) units are a common choice.

Common Refrigerator Sizes

SizeCubic FeetWidth (Inches)
1-Section20 – 30 cu. ft.20″ – 30″
2-Section30 – 50 cu. ft.40″ – 60″
3-Section50 – 70 cu. ft.70″+


solid door four compartment commercial refrigerator

Consider your inventory

The internal storage capacity of a commercial refrigerator is usually measured in cubic footage. Finding the right fit may depend on the amount of food and beverage inventory you need to store on a weekly basis. Think about customer traffic and par levels, and what size unit will accommodate your inventory.

Pro-tip: Consider where your ice machine’s going

If you have limited space in your commercial kitchen, you may need to adjust your equipment size to accommodate. When it comes to walk-in units, installing a walk-in behind your restaurant rather than in the kitchen may afford you more space for a bigger size. When it comes to undercounter units, the most important measurement is usually the height, especially if it needs to slide beneath another surface.

Ask an Expert: If you aren’t sure what size refrigerator you need, consult an Account Manager at FoodServiceWarehouse.com. Let him or her know what type of food product you plan to store and where you want to install the unit. We can help you make the best decision for your operation.


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