How to Use a Pizza Stone on a BBQ Grill


How to Use a Pizza Stone on a BBQ Grill

You’ve probably heard of people grilling pizzas, but weren’t sure how to make it happen. There are a few different methods to accomplishing a freshly grilled pie, but one of the easiest (read: user-friendly) ways involves using a pizza stone. That’s right you can use a pizza stone on a BBQ grill!

What You’ll Need

  1. A gas or charcoal outdoor grill
  2. A pizza stone
  3. A pizza peel
  4. Tongs
  5. Your favorite pizza toppings

Why Use a Pizza Stone?

When you grill pizza on a pizza stone, instead of directly on the grates, you’ll get a softer crust. The pizza stone also provides a reliable cooking surface for rotating the pizza. This allows the pizza to cook with a nice and even finish.

Preheat Your Grill and Your Pizza Stone

putting a pizza stone on a grill

After you prepare your pizza, preheat your grill with the pizza stone on the grates. Turn the dial up to high and allow the temperature to reach 500°F. You want your pizza stone to heat up evenly with the grill to avoid cracking.

Once the grill is ready for the pizza, the pizza stone will be extremely hot. Do not touch the pizza stone. 

This is where the pizza peel is a must-have tool.

Use your pizza peel to transport the pizza to and from the pizza stone.

how to use a pizza stone on the grill

Allow the pizza to bake for 10-12 minutes, lifting the lid once to rotate the pizza 180° with your tongs. Remember, for an evenly baked pizza, you’ll need to rotate the pie at least once. When the crust has become a lovely golden brown, use your tongs to slide the pizza onto your pizza peel.

You can either slice the pizza directly on the peel, or you can slide the pizza off onto a surface of your choice. Once the pizza is safely off the grill and ready to slice, simply cut your pieces, serve and enjoy!

Illustrations by the talented Roman Martinez for FSW


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  2. Can you use a pizza stone when grilling other foods? I always thought I was missing a grilling trick by not using it but I need guidance.
    Tallahassee, Fl

  3. crackerssouth on

    Every pizza stone I have used has cracked, even an expensive one from Magic Pantry, didn’t even get to 450F. Standing by the grill and heard that “CRACK” that we all dread. Throw that one away, back to my old method directly on the grate, a little longer but normally with a little practice will turn out perfect. Grill one side first, take off, flip it over, add all the toppings like normal, and back on the grill ’till the bottom is golden brown. Forget the stone.

    • JimmyShots (NJ) on

      Don’t rush your pizza stone up to 500F. Bring your temp up gradually to 300F and then in 3 – 5 mins bring it gradually up to 450 – 500F. I don’t use my stone for anything but pizza. Just got a peel as a father’s day gift but up til now I’ve assembled my pies right on the hot stone and they’ve come out great.

    • I had the same experience. I did continue on to make several pretty crispy pizzas using just a pizza pan (the kind with the air holes in it) and I was pretty pleased with the results and the pizzas were only taking about 4-5 minutes at 500 degrees.

  4. Put two bricks on the grill and your pizza stone on top of the bricks. This will prevent your stone from cracking. I have cooked hundreds of pizza’s this way without a problem.

  5. Rick Perlmutter, Newport, Maine on

    I use a pizza STEEL on my grill. Also, I elevate it onto the top of two tumble baskets to get it up higher and to decrease the bottom heat a bit. It is still necessary to rotate the entire pizza 180 degrees after about 10 minutes. I got the pizza steel from FSW and a larger peel to accommodate the more rectangular pizza shape.

    • Roll out your pizza dough on a sheet of parchment. Use scissors to trim away the parchment that sticks out from under the dough because it will brown or burn in the oven. Assemble your pizza and then slide your pizza peel under the parchment and transfer to the pizza stone (parchment stays underneath the dough on the stone). If the stone is hot enough, the crust will brown and crisp but the parchment will be unchanged. Remove pizza from stone by sliding peel under the parchment. Off the grill, remove parchment and discard; place pizza on grate to cool so crust stays crisp. Works wonderfully every time.

  6. Use a pizza peel and sprinkle it with cornmeal. Make sure it’s evenly distributed under your unbaked pizza. Then build the pizza on the peel and slide it onto the preheated stone.

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