How Underwriters Laboratories Impact Health and Safety in Your Kitchen


The UL LogoSince the 1890s, the Underwriters Laboratories have developed more than 1,000 safety standards for different pieces of electrical equipment. All equipment that bears the UL mark has passes a series of rigorous safety and operational tests. These tests assure that the product meets both the manufacturer’s specifications and conforms to applicable electrical codes for safety and function. Food service managers that purchase products certified by the Underwriters Laboratories can be assured that the piece of equipment conforms to the highest electrical safety standards.

The UL Mark

In order to achieve the UL Mark, manufacturers voluntarily submit products to the Underwriters Laboratories for quality and safety testing. Once achieved, the UL periodically inspect manufacturing facilities and rechecks previously certified products to assure they still meet the highest in safety and quality standards. All manner of equipment from commercial ice machines to home computers can receive the UL Mark. The following marks are commonly found on certified food service equipment:

The UL Listing Mark

UL Listing Mark

This is one of the most common marks. It indicates that the product meets UL’s safety requirements, which are based off of UL’s own standards.

The C-UL Listing Mark

C-UL Listing Mark

This mark is used for products in the Canadian market that have met Canadian safety requirements, which may be different that U.S. standards.

The C-UL US Listing Mark

C-UL US Listing Mark

Products bearing this mark have met both U.S. and Canadian safety standards and can be marketed in both countries.

The Classified EPH Product Logo

Classified EPH Product Mark

In addition to meeting UL’s high standards, products bearing the EPH mark have also been evaluated using environmental and public health standards with regards to food equipment and hygiene.


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