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Pizza Marketing

Pizza pretty much sells itself. But adding some expert pizza marketing to your restaurant is like the icing on the cake—or rather, the extra toppings on the pie. Pizza Marketing is all about getting and keeping the name of your pizzeria in the forefront of customers’ minds. Check out these time tested and proven pizza marketing strategies guaranteed to increase deliveries, pick up your take-out business,

Hand Our Refrigerator Magnets to New Customers

Unlike business cards that get lost or thrown out, most refrigerator magnets find themselves stuck on the fridge. So, whenever a customer looks into their refrigerator and either finds it empty or the contents unappealing, your magnet will give them an instant alternative and an easily accessed phone number.

Offer Combo Deals and Coupons

A free two liter of cola with the purchase of any two medium pizzas is a go-to combo deal for many pizzerias. Coupons attached to the delivery box and door fliers are two more tried and true marketing methods, but make sure that you don’t get addicted to discounting because it can hurt your overall brand image.

Create a VIP Club or Punch Card System

VIP club members receive slightly better deals and more company news than the run-of-the-mill customer. Customers that receive a free pizza after their punch card is filled up will also visit your restaurant more because of the promise of free pizza. Isn’t that what we all want in life?

Market Online

Facebook, Email, Twitter, your website and online other resources can be tapped to advertise special deals or events that your pizzeria is currently running. The promise of online-only deals will get customers to subscribe to your pages, meaning they’ll see your name every time they log on.

Give Back to the Community

Word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of marketing, and the best way to generate a positive buzz about your pizzeria is by donating food to school fundraisers, community picnics or other charitable events. For example, Pasta Jay’s, in Boulder, CO, runs an unofficial soup kitchen out of the back of the restaurant. There, every couple of weeks, the homeless in Boulder know they can knock on the door and be given a hot meal for free.

Use Mouth-Watering Imagery

On the menu, any fliers or signage, especially in any advertisement, be sure to use images of melted cheese, golden brown crust and steam rising off of the freshly baked pizza to whet your customers’ appetites.

Build a Customer Database

With a customer’s home and email address you can send out information on special deals in order to generate repeat business. Just be sure to ask permission first, or else you will be seen as just another email spammer.

Target the Kids

If you ask any kid what their favorite food is, nine times out of ten you will probably hear “PIZZA!” So, developing a kids’ menu and offering games, balloon artists or fun-for-kids activities is a great way to bring kids, and their parents, in the door.

Show Your Staff Some Love 

Though the saying is a bit clichéd, a happy worker is a productive worker, so be sure that you share your success with your employees, either through bonuses or fun games to motivate your crew. If your staff enjoys working at your pizzeria, they will tell their friends to swing by for a bite.

Back Up Your Efforts with Great Pizza

All the marketing in the world will not save a pizza that tastes like the cardboard box it was delivered in, so make sure your food is as or more appealing than the ads claim it to be.

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  1. Love the magnet idea! You could take this tactic to the next level by mailing magnets to local residents. People keep them on the fridge and look at them every day.

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