Top 10 Tips for the Pizza Delivery Driver


Pizza Delivery

Like any other employee, the pizza delivery driver must be properly trained to ensure their safety and a prompt delivery. There are several tips and tricks that will help your pizza delivery driver better represent your company and provide as pleasant a customer experience that one can expect in the pizza delivery business.

Know the Route

Planning deliveries and knowing the route ahead of time will cut down on travel time and get the pizzas to customers faster. While having a map of the area is crucial, GPS units are a cheap and easy way to ensure the best route possible is taken. Also, be aware of any construction ahead of time to map out an alternate route. Cold pizza and road delays isn’t a happy combination.

Be Polite to the Customer

A pizza delivery driver is a lot like an ambassador of the business. If they are rude or disrespectful, it will reflect negatively on the establishment. Likewise, being pleasant and polite will create a positive customer experience that can lead to repeat business and a bigger tip for the driver.

Carry a Spare Car Key

Nothing ruins a delivery like locking the keys in the car. Always carry a spare to prevent a costly visit from the local locksmith.

Only Deliver to Lobbies and the Front of Well-Lit Houses

Having the customer come down to a hotel lobby may seem excessive, but it is safer than going up into the room where the driver could be robbed. Also, a house that looks empty may be a set-up, so only deliver to the front porch if it looks like somebody is home. Also, the delivery driver should never enter the customer’s house.

Only Carry Enough Money to Make Change

Carrying a maximum of $20 to make change in the pants pocket, rather than a money bag, will deter criminals, because $20 is not worth their time. Drivers should also walk with a purposeful stride and look like they know what they are doing. Robbers are less likely to assault someone that looks confident.

Carry a Cell Phone

Sometimes delivery routes have to be changed on the fly, or a customer may have a hard-to-locate house. For these and other potential circumstances, delivery drivers should carry a cell phone to call the shop or customer directly.

Bring Along a Pen

Customers that pay ahead of time with a credit card make life easier for both themselves and the delivery driver, but this efficiency can come to a crashing halt when scrounging for a pen to sign the receipt. Carrying a pen will help the delivery speed.

Obey Traffic Laws

That sign on top of the car advertises the driver’s presence to customers and police officers alike, and police officers know delivery drivers are in a rush. But, getting pulled over for speeding or running a stop sign will result in the customer having to wait longer.

Do Not Make Any Unscheduled Stops

Have drivers eat and fuel their cars before their shift begins, so the time is actually spent delivering pizza. Kitchen workers do not get breaks to run personal errands.

Handle the Pizzas Carefully

Hot, melted cheese and toppings can easily shift when taking a corner too fast or stopping short, and customers will not be pleased if half of their pizza is sauce and crust.


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