Top 10 Must-Have Wedding Product Supplies


There are many elements that need to come together to create the perfect wedding. Let’s take a look at the top ten wedding product supplies that will help you pull it all off.

  1. Select Stylish Champagne Glasses

    Be the toast of the town and choose a style that remains in step with the rest of the bar glassware.

  2. Consider Decor When Choosing Wine Glasses

    Select styles based on the reception’s overall ambiance. Formal weddings will need a wine glass for red and white wine selections. More relaxed settings allow one glass for either choice.

  3. Think About Plastic Barware

    Budget-conscientious receptions and outdoor venues will find a great value with plastic barware. Stretching beyond the basic plastic cup, many designs look like their glass counterparts and are durable enough to be washed and re-used.

  4. Choose China Dinnerware

    Decide on how dressy or dressed-down the table will look. Modern wedding receptions may call for something with a fun shape, while traditional receptions may prefer a more formal approach with gilded or embossed edging on the dinnerware.

  5. Lay Down a Decorative Foundation With Charger Plates

    Instantly dress up the table setting and also protect expensive linens from spills. Select the shape, color or style that matches your china setting. Select the shape, color and size that suits your table setting’s style.

  6. Dish Out Tasty Slices of Cake With Wedding Cake Servers

    Providing a touch of elegance with practical function for doling out slices, this utensil will also be a souvenir and future heirloom from your big night.

  7. Provide Crisp Linens With Cloth Napkins

    Table linens accompany formal place settings and dress up each table when folded into a variety of styles. Keep your wedding colors in mind as cloth napkins are available in an assortment of hues.

  8. Hold the Fold With Napkin Rings

    Gather cloth napkins together with a stylish ring. Add an effortless touch of class to formal and informal table settings.

  9. Save a Place With Card and Sign Holders

    Use creative displays to direct guests to their seat. These handy supplies can also be used to exhibit the order of courses or menu choices for dinner service.

  10. Set the Mood With Candelabras

    Frame doorways and line hallways, or incorporate them into each table’s centerpiece. Create a warm, cozy and romantic feeling by incorporating candlelight into the room’s décor.

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