The Shark Week Guide to Commercial Refrigerators



How is a hammerhead shark like a glass door refrigerator? Yeah, we don’t know either. It’s an age-old riddle apparently. Yet, the answer may be close at hand.

Another year has passed and it is once again the Christmas of Marine Biology, the Passover of Oceanography, the Ramadan of Maritime Mythology, and Jacques Cousteau’s holiest of holidays: Shark Week. Oh most majestic of weeks it is, it is. And yet, though it be Shark Week out there, we are still reveling in the sweet awesomeness of restaurant equipment in here. Why are we doing that? Because that is what we do. Refrigerators are our sharks. And so, without further ado, I present to you:

The Shark Week Guide to Commercial Refrigerators

Maybe you really like sharks and you need to know the different kinds of commercial refrigerators out there, but you just can’t do it without shark references? The likelihood of this seems high enough to me to justify writing a blog about it. And so blog I shall! Onward.

The Walk-in Refrigerator = Great White Shark

great white shark

He’s smiling! Because he knows he’s the biggest and best.

The walk-in refrigerator is the king of the refrigeration world, much like the great white is the king of sharks. If you’ve got a lot of inventory to keep cool, this is the best bet.

The Glass Door Refrigerator = Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark

So handsome. (In that Mick Jagger “so ugly he’s cute” kind of way.)

Why? Because the glass door refrigerator is the most stylish of commercial refrigerators and is the best way to show off your tasty wares. And if you don’t recognize the poise and glamour of the hammerhead shark then I just don’t even know what.

Undercounter Refrigerator = Angel Shark

angel shark

Just call him angel! Of the ocean. Aaaaangel!

Angel sharks are bottom feeders, and they blend in well with the environment. Undercounter refrigerators, quite similarly, like to lay low. Like, under counters. And you can fit them into tighter spaces than many other types of refrigeration. Hence: they blend in with the environment. See what I’m driving at?

Dual temperature Refrigerator = Mako Shark

mako shark

Another thing to note about the Mako shark is those big movie star eyes. So enchanting.

This one is just a beauty, really. The fact of the matter is that most sharks prefer warmer climes, and most refrigerators can be set for just one temperature. But Mako sharks are the most versatile of sharks, and can live in both tropical and temperate zones. Dual temperature refrigerators, as the name suggests, can be set to two different temperatures so you can optimize coolness for different types of products. BRILLIANT.

Worktop Refrigerator = Tiger Shark

tiger shark

There are a number of reasons I’m glad I am not this creature’s orthodontist.

The tiger shark will pretty much eat anything and is therefore one of the most adaptable sharks. And the worktop refrigerator, similarly, is quite versatile. Need to keep stuff cold? Perfect. Just put it inside the refrigerated compartment. Need to prep some stuff? No problemo. You’ve got yourself a prep area built right in. What’s not to love about a worktop refrigerator? And don’t you want to hug that tiger shark? Just squeeze him to pieces? I know you do.

And now, although there are many more refrigerators and many more sharks about which I could wax poetic for endless internet hours, I must needs conclude our Shark Week Guide to Commercial Refrigerators, my friends. If you want an entirely less silly (but way more informative) look at commercial refrigerators, do please read our commercial refrigeration buying guide.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc


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