Ten Tips for Commercial Range Safety


Commercial ranges are staple pieces of equipment in many commercial restaurants. Before operating any commercial range, be familiar with all safety precautions located in the manufacturer’s operating manual. Ten suggestions for burn prevention, fire safety, and general equipment safety are below:

Keep The Range Clean

Residual grease and food particles may catch fire and quickly get out of control.

Be Aware Of Hot Surfaces

Take care when cooking and avoid burns from hot surfaces or flames.

Keep Protective Equipment Handy

Keep pot holders and oven mitts handy. These are perfect for handling hot containers, pots and pans, and generally following safety precautions.

Never Leave A Hot Range Unattended

It is important to monitor and be in control of the heat and the product being heated at all times while operating the equipment.

Be Careful Of Equipment Tipping Over

Ranges with light-gauge steel are often lighter and may tip easily, causing injury.

Never Store Items Atop A Range

Even if the range is off, never cover or clutter the range top. This creates a fire hazard.

Keep Flammable Items Away

Flammable liquids or chemicals should not be stored on or near surface of the range nor on the floors surrounding the range.

Keep The Floors Clean

Be sure to clean up any grease or water spills on the floor near the range. This eliminates the possibility of slipping and falling onto hot surfaces.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines

Know how to care for the commercial range. Replace the range when the overall structure is compromised due to warping, broken components or potential gas leak.

Be Aware Of Gas Leakage

The flame emitting from a burner ought to be steady, quiet, and blue in color. A sputtering yellow flame may be problematic and require a certified technician’s help.


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