Tailgate Equipment and Supplies for Food Vendors


As crowds of fans rally for their favorite football team, they are also looking for a touchdown of a deal on something to eat. If you want to become a local street vendor, you’ll need to know how to set up a mobile tailgate grill that will score the most points with fans on both sides of the match. Therefore, the true secret to keeping your street vendor setup in top form is to have the right equipment that works with your business model. The best plan will be built around efficiency, safety and speed.

The Grill

The Crown Verity TG-1 69” Tailgate GrillIf you are grilling up burgers, brats, steaks or any other meat in an outdoor location, consider using a tailgate grill that is easy to set up and break down. The Crown Verity 69” Tailgate Grill hitches right to the back of your vehicle and can be placed directly in tailgate areas or any other designated parking area. This grill can cook over 350 burgers per hour and it is equipped with storage compartments.

Extras for the Tailgate Grill

Stovetop Cooking

The Eurodib 24” Countertop Induction RangeMeet cold weather head on! Offer up fresh sauces, chili, soups or any other stove top items that will keep hungry fans warm and happy. With the Eurodib 24” Countertop Induction Range, you can whip up pots of wonderful recipes in a flash. Portable induction ranges provide fast heat with magnetic coils. This method utilizes a safe cooking area as it heats cookware directly instead of heating an entire surface. As a result, it is also important to remember that induction burners can only be used with specific types of cookware that are magnetic. Examples of these are mainly cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans.

Extras for the Induction Range

On-Foot Delivery

American Metalcraft (PBSB1512) – 12″ x 15″ Deluxe Sandwich Delivery BagIf your vending area allows it, an employee or business partner venturing away from your setup with a bagful of products to sell to hungry pedestrians is great way to make additional profit. Burrito carts, for example, can package together a variety of items into an insulated delivery bag. Carts and food trucks that serve pizza, subs and other boxed or wrapped food items can utilize insulated delivery bags to walk finished food over to waiting customers in tailgate areas.

Extras for Delivery

With a little creative ingenuity – and the right equipment for the task! – your food service business can score a higher level of revenue this football season. Remember to obtain a food handler’s permit and all the necessary licenses and permits before setting up a new food vending business.


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