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In our article How to Make a Sushi Roll in 10 Easy Steps, we discussed how to create delicious rolls of sushi at home, or in your restaurant. Now, let’s take a closer look at the supplies you need to get each roll just right.


Rice cooker

Rice cookers are an easy solution for chefs who use rice for various recipes. This easy-to-use appliance sits on the countertop and can make 10 to 55 cups of rice in varying cook times ranging from 20 to 50 minutes. Available in gas and electric models, rice cookers prepare perfectly cooked rice for your sushi and rice dishes.

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Rice Pot

As an alternative to rice cookers, rice pots are the ideal choice for home kitchens that will be making smaller batches of rice. These pots are specially designed with flat bottoms, tightly fitted lids and straight sides for even heat distribution.


Rice Paddle

The rice paddle has a flat scoop that creates an easy-to-scrape surface, which is particularly important when working with sticky rice. Bamboo or plastic rice paddles are perfect for sushi rice recipes that use vinegar as metal paddles may react with the vinegar, leaving an unpleasant effect on the taste.


Sushi mat

Sushi mats are made from thin sticks of bamboo that have been woven together to form a flexible sheet that resembles a placemat. Inexpensive and indispensable to sushi making, these mats assist in maintaining even pressure on all sides of the roll as it is made.


Sushi Knife

The right sushi knife will provide the precision needed for thin slices of sashimi and vegetables, and is used for chopping clean sections of a finished roll. There are several types of sushi knives: nakiri knives and usuba knives are ideal for cutting up produce, while sashimi knives are made to create paper-thin slices of fish and deba knives are perfect for beheading fresh fish. For chefs searching for a multi-purpose tool, the santoku knife is comparable to the western chef’s knife and can execute most sushi making tasks with precision.

Making Inside Out Sushi Rolls:
When making “inside out” rolls, where the rice is on the outside of the nori (seaweed), cover the sushi mat in plastic wrap to keep the rice from sticking to the bamboo.

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