What Size Commercial Range Do You Need?


When you need to find the right commercial equipment, size always plays into the decision. There are several important factors that go into selecting the right size commercial range, including hood space, menu and customer traffic.

Hood Space

The first thing to do before deciding on a particular range is to evaluate your existing commercial kitchen. First, evaluate the size of your exhaust hood. Most health codes require the hood to extend at least six inches beyond each piece of equipment that is placed beneath it. If you already have a commercial kitchen, the range you purchase will most likely be determined by the size of the exhaust hood.

commercial ventilation hood space

For example: If your exhaust hood is 48 inches wide, the biggest commercial range you can expect to fit beneath, while still abiding by health code regulations, is 36 inches wide.

Menu and Application

After evaluating your kitchen space and exhaust hood, the next step is to consider the food you will be cooking. Restaurants serving only breakfast may only need a griddle top configuration on which to cook eggs and pancakes. Restaurants specializing in more than one type of food, or both breakfast and lunch items, for example, might need a combination of surfaces like a griddle top and open burner configuration. Your available space and the items you cook most frequently, will affect the size and top configuration will contribute to your selection.

commercial kitchen equipment

For example: Open gas burners are typically 12 inches wide. In choosing a range, you will need to decide how many burners you need that can reasonable fit, as well as whether or not you need space for a griddle or other cooking option.

Range Sizes

Commercial ranges run from 12 inches to 72 inches in width (left to right) and 30 inches to 36 inches deep (front to back). Standard sizes are 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches wide. Almost any unit is available with whatever top configuration suits your needs.

commercial range sizes

Gain Industry Insight
One way to gauge what type of equipment you need for your operation is to visit a neighboring restaurant with a similar menu to yours. If possible, check out their kitchen set-up to see what size range they have. Find out about the top configuration, too. In case this is not an option for you, ask a trusted friend within the industry for some insight. Contact an expert at FoodServiceWarehouse.com anytime for top-notch insight, information and product selection.


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