Shop for Dinnerware in Your Budget


Buy in Bulk

For the budget-conscious restaurant owner or manager, buying in bulk saves money in the long run. Choose a supplier who sells dinnerware by the case versus a supplier who distributes one piece at a time. Even if your inventory only dictates that you need 10 more bowls to be on par, the extra plates in a case will prove necessary down the road.

Take a Minimalistic Approach

If you are investing more money into your food, wine or interior design, stick with a plain white style of dinnerware. These are the easiest to replace, showcase presentation menu items well and will go with any style of décor.

Choose Durable Materials

Another consideration for the budget watchers is to choose a material of commercial dinnerware that can match the demands and expectations of the restaurant. Servers will drop plates, dishwashers will stack plates too high and chefs will knock plates off countertops. Accidents happen; be sure to invest in a material that can stand up to the rigors of your kitchen, or invest in dinnerware that is easily replaced.


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