Selecting the Right Pre-Rinse Spray Unit


Finding the right fit for your commercial kitchen’s dishwashing area will assist in getting dirty dishes clean at a pace that will keep service running smoothly. When searching for a new pre-rinse spray unit it is important to keep a few key features in mind.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of your spray valve is measured in gallons per minute (gpm) and can range from .65 gpm to 4 gpm. It is a common misconception that the higher the rate of gallons per minute, the better the pressure. In fact, new technology in low-flow spray valves has increased water flow velocity while using an average of 45% less water. (Source) For operations looking to conserve resources as well as reduce the monthly water bill, this is a big perk.

Remember: The lower the flow rate, the lower your water bill. Learn more about Conserving Water with Low-Flow Pre-Rinse Spray Valves

MountingRinsing off dishes

Deck-mounted pre-rinse units are designed for water lines that come from the floor and are installed into the sink or dish table vertically. Be sure to locate the center of your faucet before selecting a deck-mounted pre-rinse spray unit. Measuring at either four or eight inches, the center marks the distance between
the water inlets. Matching this space is critical for proper installation. Additionally, units with wall-brackets are great for preventing damage to the pipe or faucet as they keep the resting weight of the hose and sprayer from pulling down on the unit.

We Recommend: The Krowne Metal (17-202WL) Deck-Mounted Low-Lead Pre-Rinse Unit as well as the Krowne Metal (17-208WL) Deck-Mounted Low-Lead Pre-Rinse Unit to get your dishes on the way to squeaky clean.

Wall-mounted pre-rinse units are constructed for installation with water inlets located directly on the wall. It is imperative to find the faucet’s center prior to shopping as the unit secures directly to the backsplash area of your sink. To find the center, look for the spacing between the water inlets – it will be either four or eight inches apart. This has to match exactly with the pre-rinse unit to achieve properly secured installation.

We Recommend: The Krowne Metal (17-108WL) Wall-Mounted Low-Lead Pre-Rinse Unit to keep your commercial kitchen’s dishwashing operation green and clean.


The flexibility of the hose is important for all applications of the pre-rinse unit. Look for quality metal materials that will move easily in every direction. The more flexible the hose, the more durable your equipment will be. Most units come equipped with a spring attachment to aid in optimal positioning.


The height of a pre-rinse unit needs to be set high enough to properly spray tall pots, but low enough to maneuver easily without getting in the way of dishes and overall production.


An ergonomic pre-rinse spray valve will reduce employee strain in the forearm and wrists. Consider the length of time your workers will be gripping the valve and design a dish washing area that reduces injury and unplanned time off of work. An ergonomic unit is the best overall choice for an injury-free workplace.


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