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China Dinnerware

Commercial China Dinnerware
Commercial china dinnerware is made from porcelain ceramic that is constructed to be more durable than the kind of china dinnerware used in residential settings. This material is non-porous and chip-resistant. China dinnerware is also very tolerable of temperature change and can move from the oven to the fridge and back again without issue.

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Melamine Dinnerware

Commercial Melamine Dinnerware
Commercial melamine dinnerware is incredibly durable and is a very affordable option for casual eateries. Melamine is a hard plastic material that is resistant to breakage, chips and scratches. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and styles, melamine dinnerware offers an affordable and  reliable way to bring style to the table. Melamine is not meant for the microwave and can warp or crack if placed in high heat environments.

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Polycarbonate Dinnerware

Commercial Polycarbonate Dinnerware
Polycarbonate is a long-lasting form of plastic that can withstand a wide range of temperatures from -40 to 212°F and typically comes with a five-year warranty against breakage. Polycarbonate dinnerware commonly has a bit of a textured surface or a banded rim to keep food in place. Because of this, polycarbonate dinnerware is ideal for schools and health care facilities that offer cafeteria or food delivery service.

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Glass Dinnerware

Glass Dinnerware
Glass dinnerware chills fast and is often used for salad, appetizer or dessert service in restaurant settings. Glass dinnerware alleviates employee strain as it is lightweight and easy to carry. This material also provides an affordable option for plates and bowls that are resistant to stains, warping and will not absorb odors. Glass is the most fragile of all the materials and is more prone to breakage, so it is important to purchase glass dinnerware in bulk to assure you have enough in your inventory to cover any unexpected losses.

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