How to Select the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey


How to Select the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey
Ever had a Thanksgiving dinner that started at 9 p.m.? I have. The late chow time was due to inexperience and a completely frozen turkey. Luckily, my past mistakes are now the catalyst for an informative and insightful post on how to select (and thaw) the perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. Use this guide and get it done right, the first time.

Sizing the Turkey

Have enough for everyone and some leftovers too by choosing a turkey that is just the right size. Start by estimating how many people you have to feed and use the below chart to calculate how big of a bird you need.

Type of TurkeyPounds to Buy
Whole Turkey1 Pound per Person
Boneless Turkey Breast1/2 Pound per Person
Turkey Breast (Bone-In)3/4 Pound per Person
Frozen, Pre-Stuffed Turkey1 1/4 Pound per Person


Fresh VS. Frozen Turkey

Rarely does a turkey come all thawed out and ready to go. If you are lucky enough to purchase a fresh – not frozen – turkey, make sure you’re making your purchase no more than 2 days before it is cooked. You’ll also want to double check the available storage space in your fridge. Turkeys take up A LOT of space.

But if you’re like the majority of us, you’ll be selecting your vacuum-sealed frozen poultry from a supermarket of choice – and that bird is gonna take some time to thaw. Plan on picking up the turkey at least six days, particularly if you are buying a bird over 20 pounds.

Thawing a Frozen Turkey

For those who decide to purchase a frozen turkey, the bird can be thawed in either the refrigerator or in cold water.

Thawing a Turkey in the Refrigerator

The safest method to thaw a turkey is in the refrigerator. This is because all areas of the bird are kept cold enough (below 40°F) to prevent bacterial growth. However, thawing in the refrigerator takes a long time. Use the table below to estimate how long it will take your turkey to thaw in the fridge.

Turkey SizeNumber of Days to Defrost
4 to 12 Pounds1 to 3 Days
12 to 16 Pounds3 to 4 Days
16 to 20 Pounds4 to 5 Days
20 to 24 Pounds5 to 6 Days


Thawing a Turkey in Cold Water

Thawing a turkey in cold water is the fastest method, but it is potentially the most hazardous if not done right. To keep bacteria from growing, you’ll need to change the cold water every 30 minutes. Failure to change the water every half hour can result in allowing some parts of the turkey to become warm enough for bacterial growth. Prepare and cook the turkey once it has thawed in the water. Below is a table that tells how long it should take for a turkey to thaw in cold water:

Turkey SizeNumber of Hours to Defrost
4 to 12 Pounds2 to 6 Hours
12 to 16 Pounds6 to 8 Hours
16 to 20 Pounds8 to 10 Hours
20 to 24 Pounds10 to 12 Hours


Once you have the right Thanksgiving turkey selected and your thawing planned out, it’s time to get cracking on the rest of the feast! Having all the right tools will go a long way. Check out FSW’s affordable kitchen and dining supplies and get everything you need for Thanksgiving this year.


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