Safely Operating Commercial Mixers


United States Department of Labor

Commercial mixers are an important component in many commercial kitchens. However, the United States Department of Labor considers these machines hazardous. Only employees over the age of 18 may operate mixers and other hazardous equipment. Look below for specific safety features and suggestions to safely operate a commercial dough mixer:

Standard Safety Features of Commercial Mixers

Commercial Mixers

  • Interlocked bowl guard prevents objects from entering the mixing bowl.
  • Bowl lift handle ensures that the machine will not operate unless the bowl is in the fully lifted position.
  • Front mounted controls provide easy access to power buttons.
  • Microswitches on the mixer induce automatic shut off when the guard is opened or when the bowl is lowered.

Suggestions for Safe Operation of Commercial Mixers

A blueberry muffin

  • Always read all manufacturer’s directions and safety precautions listed in the operations manual before operating any piece of commercial equipment.
  • Always turn off the machine and lower the bowl before scraping sides or adding ingredients.
  • Always unplug the mixer before cleaning, disassembling or reassembling.
  • Always turn the machine off before adding ingredients or removing product.An electrical cord
  • Never bypass safety mechanisms or machine guards. They are there for the operator’s protection.
  • Never attempt to put fingers or hands in bowl while mixer is running.
  • Never attempt to operate a mixer without a bowl in place.
  • Never wear loose clothing, jewelry, or hairstyles that may get caught in mixer.



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