Benefits of Joining a Restaurant Association: Q&A with the Michigan Restaurant Association

Michigan Restaurant Assocation

Adriane De Ceuninck, Vice President, Marketing & Communications of the Michigan Restaurant Assocation

The hospitality industry hosts a competitive and volatile playing field.  For those of you out there who own your own food and beverage business, you know that having the right resources can make all the difference in how your business is run. But where do you find the right resources if you’re just starting out – or just starting to look for a community within the industry? One easy answer is to join your local Restaurant Association.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Adriane De Ceuninck,Vice President,Marketing & Communications of the Michigan Restaurant Association, a few questions about how her organization helps local business and about the benefits of becoming an association member.

An Interview with Adriane De Ceuninck,Vice President of  the Michigan Restaurant Association

What is the Michigan Restaurant Association and how does it work with restaurateurs to enhance and nurture the growth and development of Michigan’s hospitality industry?
The Michigan Restaurant Association (MRA) is the recognized leader of Michigan’s hospitality industry, providing essential services to the foodservice community. Founded in 1921, the MRA represents nearly 4,500 Michigan foodservice establishments. The industry plays an integral role in Michigan’s economy, employing more than 390,000 people and creating more than $13.1 billion in annual sales.

The MRA exists for the sole purpose of helping Michigan’s restaurants do business better. We provide political advocacy, certification and education opportunities, cost-savings programs, accurate information, and networking events to our valued members.

What are the benefits of joining a state-wide restaurant association?

The benefits are endless – from discounts on products and services that are needed to run a successful restaurant to networking opportunities that can offer the chance to meet a new supplier or even new business partner.

Members benefit from our three pillars are membership benefits:

  • Political Advocacy – The MRA influences policy to protect member businesses every day.
  • Food & Alcohol Safety Certification – The MRA is a restaurants one-stop-shop for training; and members get special pricing.
  • Cost-Saving Programs – The MRA has formed partnerships with companies who want to help members reduce costs while not losing operational quality.

Has there been a common business issue among Michigan restaurant owners? What has been the best solution for this issue?
I wouldn’t call it an “issue” as much I would say that food and alcohol safety certification are vital components to owning a restaurant. The MRA offers discounts to members for ServSafe® Food and Alcohol training in a variety of locations throughout the state.

What business advice have you found to be the most beneficial for first-time restaurant owners who are striking out on their own?
Join the Michigan Restaurant Association!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us Adriane!

p.s.  For great business advice check out the latest copy of the Michigan Restaurateur, the Michigan Restaurant Association Newsletter.

Not in Michigan? Visit the ServSafe site to learn how to contact your state’s restaurant association.


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