What Options and Accessories are Available for My Commercial Refrigerator?


There are many options available to enhance the performance and functionality of your commercial refrigerator. Speak with your Account Manager to learn more about adding on options or accessories to your commercial refrigerator.

1. Stainless Steel Or Vinyl Exterior

Many refrigerators come with aluminum exteriors. Consider stainless steel or vinyl, which can be easier to clean and more durable.

2. Casters

Casters are a good choice in lieu of legs for a greater range of mobility. Health departments may require commercial equipment to be mobile for improved cleanliness. When in doubt, check with your local codes to see what your health department requires.

3. Additional Wire Storage Shelves

Adding additional shelving can increase the storage capabilities in your commercial refrigerator. After reviewing how many shelves come standard with your unit, think about how you want to arrange your cold storage. Consider adding additional wire shelves to provide the maximum cold storage benefits in your commercial kitchen.

4. Universal Sheet Pan Or Hotel Pan Type Slides

If your only need is to store sheet pans or hotel pans of prepared, chilled items before sliding them straight into the oven, then pan slides are even better than storage shelves.

5. Door Options

Most solid door refrigerators can be modified to include glass doors. Also available for modification, the hinge can be placed on either side to improve efficiency in the kitchen. On glass door units, sliding glass doors may be an option. For prep tables, drawers instead of doors are another great alternative for effective cold storage solutions.

6. Pass Through Application

A pass-through application means there are doors on both sides of the cabinet (such as hinged half-height doors on the service side, and full height doors on kitchen side).

Bonus Tips

When selecting a commercial refrigerator, there are other features of note that are important to talk about with your FoodServiceWarehouse.com Account Manager, since they can be valuable options when it comes to your particular commercial refrigerator.


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