Promoting the Sunday Roast in Your Restaurant


The Sunday roast is a traditional British meal consisting of a roast meat, potatoes and varying side dishes that has been popular in Mother England and her colonial offshoots for generations. (For inspiration, see a sample menu here.) Because of its rich history, the Sunday roast is the quintessential comfort food, conjuring up familial conviviality along with the warmth that’ll get you through the dark winter months. Though customarily this meal is prepared and eaten in the home, serving up a family-style Sunday roast in your restaurant could be a great way to appeal to the increasing number of families in which both parents work, and work longer hours to boot.

So, how to go about implementing a Sunday roast special in your restaurant? Just follow these five simple steps!

Know Your Crowd

First, determine what would appeal to your demographic. A Sunday roast is known as a family meal, but that doesn’t mean only family-oriented restaurants can get in on the fun. If you typically serve a younger crowd, consider a Millennial twist on the traditional, such as serving organic beef and locally grown vegetables. If you serve a drinking crowd, consider making drink specials part of the appeal. The beauty of the Sunday roast special is that it can be fancy or casual, easily able to fit in with any restaurant concept.

Set a Date

Second, determine the scope of your special. Will you serve a roast special every Sunday, one Sunday every month, or on one occasion only? Start out by implementing a limited-time offer to test out whether this promotion works for your restaurant or not. If you draw in a crowd and make a handsome profit, consider making it a regular event.

Create Customer Interest

Third, determine how you want to appeal to your customers. The Sunday roast itself is an enticing event, but customers are unlikely to change their habits unless a good deal is offered.  Consider offering free side dishes, free or discounted beverages or some other bargain to lure customers through the door.

Spread the Word

Next, you’ll have to get the word out. Utilize your restaurant’s social media, email campaigns, word-of-mouth marketing, and in-house marketing opportunities like table signs to make sure your customers know what’s happening. For more marketing ideas, check out our top ten low cost marketing strategies for restaurants.

Review Your Promotion

Lastly, no restaurant promotion should end without running an assessment to determine whether or not it was a success. Look here for ways to assess your promotion’s success, and find out what strategies to keep and ways you can improve for the next time around.


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