Procedures for Fires in the Restaurant


charbroiler flame Restaurants are especially susceptible to fires when cooking is done over open-flames, or when an accident involves hot cooking equipment.

Prepare For a Restaurant Fire

Abide by all fire codes. Be sure to abide by fire codes the apply to your building, including how many people are allowed on the premises.

Have Class K fire extinguishers on hand. Class K fire extinguishers are required in restaurants. These extinguishers are designed to handle grease and oil fires. Your restaurant should also have a functioning smoke detector and a sprinkler system.

Be aware of any potential hazards. Train staff to stay aware of frayed cords, over-used electrical sockets, grease buildup on cooking equipment, incorrectly stored flammable liquids or other fire hazards. » Learn More About Restaurant Fire Hazards

Have strict smoking policies.
Stray cigarettes can cause a good deal of damage if a fire occurs. Impart strict no-smoking policies for employees and guests, and place cigarette urns outside your front doors if cigarette debris is a problem.

Keep vent hood clean. Periodically clean your ventilation hood to make sure it properly circulating air. This is especially important if chemicals are being used in the kitchen area.

Regularly clean greasy equipment. Cleaning carbon and grease from cooking equipment will reduce the risk of grease fires.

Clearly define all evacuation routes. Be sure that front doors and back doors are available for evacuation if necessary. Have exit signs clearly marked.

Create a safe meeting place.Inform all employees of a safe meeting site just outside the restaurant in the event of a fire emergency. Employees should be prepared to escort customers there as well.

In the Event of a Restaurant Fire

Take control of the situation. If a fire breaks out in the restaurant, the manager should determine if it can be safely controlled. If so, use a fire extinguisher and put it out immediately. If not, quickly begin the evacuation process.

Exit the building. Be sure that all employees and guests get out of the building and meet outside at the designated safe meeting place.

Call 911. Although the fire department will respond when your restaurant’s smoke alarms go off, call 911 to communicate with emergency officials and file a report if necessary.

Important Documents: Procedures in the Event of a Restaurant Fire (pdf)


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