Solutions to Common Baking Problems at Home, Part 3: Problematic Pies


pie baking problems

Pies are priceless during the holiday season (any season, really), and are extremely versatile. Whether filled with apples, berries, peaches, pudding or even meat, a well-baked pie is hard to forget. If you bake at home, you know it can be a challenge to stay consistent. But don’t let pie baking problems get the best of you! Follow these suggestions to get the pie crust just right for the perfect indulgence.

Pie Baking Problems and Solutions

Problem: Pie Dough is Too Crumbly

If you prefer soft, flakey dough and consistently get crumbly dough, the dough mixture probably lacks water or includes too much shortening.

Solution: Be sure to follow the recipe to the letter, or if there is still a problem, add a tablespoon of extra water to the recipe for added moisture in the dough.

Problem: Pie Dough is Too Tough

Pie dough may turn out too tough or chewy rather than flakey and soft.

Solution: Avoid over-mixing the pie dough. Mix until the dough is just moistened and homogenous. Then, be sure the oven is set to the proper temperature so that the dough cooks thoroughly without leaving raw or soggy places on the bottom of the pan.

Problem: Pie Filling Boils Out of the Crust

If your pie filling constantly seems to bubble over the edges of the pie, you may have an excess build-up of steam inside your pie.

Solution: When filling your pie shell, be sure the filling is cool, and be careful not to overfill. If there is too much filling, heating it will often make is bubble up and leak out, especially if the top crust is not properly sealed. Also, be sure to slice or poke a few vents in the top of the pie for steam to escape.

Use these tips the next time you attempt to put together a homemade pie in your home kitchen. With pies, it is essential to get the pie crust right to provide a solid foundation for the rest of the treat. These tips should provide a helpful starting place to achieve the kind of pie you want for your special occasion, holiday or just because.


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